Wednesday, October 15, 2008

South Bound Snow Boarding

So I went down to Christchurch to visit my friends (and colleague) Tim and Lizzy. Tim and I had planned to go snowboarding/skiing but on the first day it was too windy for my plane to land (and to windy for the slopes to be open too) so my flight was delayed for a few hours so we went sight seeing instead.

The second day was a bit more successful and we managed to get in about 4 hours before the weather got too windy again and the slopes were shut. Spring conditions are way more complex than winter as parts of the slope were just ice which is much more scary to ride on but hey, you live and learn. I also realised that chair lifts and wind are not a good combination. We were sat swinging in the air on a chair lift because it was too windy for the chairs to me moving. Swinging in the air about 20 feet above ice is not my idea of fun but it was an unexpected opportunity to try and get over my dumb fear of heights (sorry Tim!).

On the way back we stopped for some pictures with the surrounding scenery:

Tim and Lizzy have also moved house which has enabled Tim to expand his gardening skills (sorry to hear about the tomato plants Tim).

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