Monday, March 16, 2009

Insiginificant appendage

This is just a quick post to bring the non-facebook people up to date with my world. March 9th was an interesting day. In the space of a few hours I went from having abdominal pain, to appendicitis, to some unknown abdominal issue, concluding with having my appendix removed at around 1am Tuesday morning by keyhole surgery. As a side note I am the only male I know of who has had a ultrasound of his abdomen; And I must say it was a weird (and painful because the had to poke my appendix quite hard) experience. The gel stuff is particularly weird! But I am glad that it got to the bottom of what was wrong with me.

The surgery went very smoothly and I was released from hospital on Tuesday afternoon. The Vancouver wing of the Rees-Thomas family very kindly took me into their home for a few days whilst I recovered. This being my first real surgical experience I had no idea what to expect and I probably won't know what to expect if I have surgery again! It has been such a bizarre mixture of ups and downs and I am not yet fully recovered. I'll spare you the intimate details and will settle for five words to sum up the recovery process thus far: gas, discomfort, frustration, gratitude, sleep.

Everything seems to be functioning normally and I slept through the night for the first time last night and am now back in my apartment with my room mate. I am under orders to take it easy for another week, which I will do my best to do as I try and catch up on all the study I have not done!

I want to say a big thank you for all the visits, texts, emails, facebookings and care that I have received over the last week. They have kept this time from being a miserable experience in what is a relatively new country and turned it into a time were I have been amazingly blessed (if a bit physically sore). Can't really express what it has been like or how grateful I am to you, but again, thank you.