Friday, January 16, 2009

Quick Update

I'm here, I have a place to live and have started classes! It's barely been ten days but feels like a month. But I am tremendously thankful to God for his sovereignty and grace, and to those of you who have been praying for me and sent messages ahead to people who you knew here to ask them to say hi to me. Thank you! As I walked home this evening my feet were barely on the ground (to quote Coldplay)!

I am sharing a basement flat 15 minutes from campus with another new Regent student who also had no where to live. We had never met before but he is a New Zealander and knows some of the same people as me and went to school with one of my flat mates in Wellington. Small world huh!

Orientation week was very helpful if a little overwhelming. There are roughly 35 or so us new students. The first week of classes has gone well but it is a very different experience to undergraduate study. I have some twenty or so hours of reading to do per week! I barely did 20 hours a month when studying computer science! Some of what we are studying is more difficult to relate to than I expected (at some point in the future ask me what Copernicus really thought about the cosmos, but also ask me about the Pastoral care class which was a wonderful combination of doctrinal study, class interaction and a sermon on Romans) but it is all really good stuff and I have had my character and convictions stretched already.

The Regent community is brilliant! It has been great getting to know such a great bunch of people over coffee, lunch and tutorials (although my memory for names is truly shocking!).

This evening I went to find out about small groups at the church I am planning to attend and not only did I meet some more great Regent people but to my surprise I met one of the Inter-Varsity Canada staff (the equivalent of TSCF or UCCF here in Canada). I've have been invited to spend some time with the Inter-varsity groups while I am here which is great! I had planned to make contact with them some time over the next few weeks but to bump into them at a new-comers meeting at a church blew me away!


P.s. I still love and miss all you people in NZ and the UK!