Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Well this evening some friends work and I went to see Crowded House in concert.

They were amazing! They played for over two hours. They played a mixture of new stuff (some of much I have to admit was a bit weird) and a bunch of thier old hits. They were great!.

But my discovery for the evening was a Kiwi band called Supergroove. They were a seven piece band (including saxophone trumpet and harmonica). Apperently they split up about 6 or 7 years ago but have reformed for this tour with Crowded House. Supergroove were just so much fun to watch. You could tell that they were having fun too. Crowded House showed themselves to be a band who no what they are about and now how to perform and were great. But Supergroove were just more fund. From to rap to rock to rhythm and blues. They were great.

Click here to listen to an extract of one of my favourite tracks on iTunes (you made need to switch to the NZ site) called "Can't get enough".