Friday, March 21, 2008

Don't believe the truth

I just found this picture that I took a few weeks ago during orientation week at Victoria university. I found it very interesting as a comment on how some people think. Whilst I was taking the picture the owner of the car came running up and apologised and said he was about to move his car and asked me not to give him a parking ticket. I was slightly caught of guard by his thinking that I was a parking attendant but that's not important. I was surprised that the owner of the car was an American guy in his forties who was a tutor at the university. I was expecting a Kiwi geography student! I explained how I wasn't a parking attendant and how I was interested in the sticker on his rear windscreen, and apologised for taking a picture of his car without his permission. He was surprised that I was interested in the sticker and explained that he'd got it because he was concerned with how people got hung up on how they must believe what they think and how from his perspective that wasn't necessary at all. A bit worrying really.

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