Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Title change

We had a meeting today about roles in the office. I now have a new job title! I was Wellington and Web Staffworker. My new job title is Wellington staffworker and Systems Manager!

Not a lot is going to change but for the next 10 months I will not primarily be responsible for the website. That is being developed by a TSCF graduate (to whom I am very grateful!). I will keep doing 3 days a week in campus. I am also keeping responsibility for the finance operations for till at least the end of the year as well as all the other IT type stuff that I was doing before. The combination of finance and IT systems stuff led to the new "systems" part of my job title.

It probably shows part of nature but I enjoy change within work so am quite pleased to keep the finance stuff for a bit longer. It gives me the opportunity (with the help of others who are more administratively gifted than me) to finish revamping the office finance procedures and I really am quite enjoying the finance stuff (how geeky do I sound?). I start a seven week course in accountancy next week which should be helpful if not necessarily always gripping material.

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