Sunday, July 30, 2006


Okay, I am really sorry for taking so long to update my blog. I have had various entries half written over the last month and have finished them all today. So the last five entries are all new. Hope they make for interesting reading


Anonymous said...

Hey James. I'm in the UK. Would you like anything sending out to you???? I am a specialist in sweeties and magazines, so anything along those lines I can defintely supply... Avoid requests for anything related to technology as they will inevitably arrive in a state of disrepair if I have any contact with it. Anyway, send your requests and snail mail address via email. Emma

Martin Downes said...

Hi James

Just wanted you to know that I read your blog from time to time and am encouraged to know about how the Lord is working in and through you.



Sarah said...

Hello Mr Allaway!!
Long time no speak!!! Stumbled across your blog (with a helpful hint from a certain Lockwood) and have now caught up with the last 9 months of your life!!! Well - 8 months because you've not written in August yet!
Hope you're still ok. Few new things going on here - mainly, Elaine's moving out!! We've fallen out and can't stand living with each other anymore! No not really - she's finally taken the plunge and bought a house and is moving all the way round the corner!! lol.
There's an excuse for you to come visit us next time you're in the UK though.
Take care you.
Sarah. xxxx
PS - You can catch up with my news and browse all my holiday pics on my website (