Monday, May 15, 2006

The ground beneath my feet

Well, today's earthquake I definitely felt. Check out this site for more information. I have to say it was a fairly scary thing, kind of like being shaken really fast but the whole house is shaking rather than me. I few things fell off of shelves this time which is probably what woke me up as I slept through the previous quake I was in Wellington for.

On a completely different note in the past few weeks I have been struck again by God's grace in that he has used a set of difficult circumstances to work for good. He has promised to do this (Romans 8 v 28) so I shouldn't really be surprised that He has kept his word but I am truly thankful that He does.

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Mark Hodges said...

James James James! Randomly, I found you today on this! I found my friend's blogspot, followed their link to an ex relay worker, read a comment by Andy Shovel (sorry can never spell his name right, it looks right to me anyway :P) then found you commented on that!

Since WHEN were you in NZ? That's so cool. WHat you up to? Studenty stuff? Can you give me your email or something to get in contact? There's so much to catch up on since the Thailand days :)