Tuesday, March 21, 2006

More Randomness

I like driving in my car but admittedly it is not quite a jaguar
I now have a nice new car that I am very excited about. It has all sorts of new toys from electric wing mirrors to drivers air bag. It has a little more power than the mighty Skoda (my previous car) and due to my rather speedy pulling away whilst getting used to it I learnt a new word: hoon.

hoon = equivalent term for "Boy racer" in the UK

flat white coffee = How to order and ordinary coffee when in a coffee shop in New Zealand. I asked if fizzy was an option and was politely informed that it was "flat" because the milk was "flat" as opposed to frothy

Wise words from the lads on the subject of God: "You specialise in comebacks". For more see their website

West Indies vs the Black caps - Brian Lara was rubbish!
Doing the whole tourist thing I went to watch the West Indies play the New Zealand Black Caps. I was very excited to learn that Brian Lara (the guy whose named cricket computer game I used to play back in the day) was playing! Sadly he did not perform very well. He was out for one run in both their innings.


Phil said...

Hi James

Keep up those new and random N/Z words. I am gonna start using them round the office so people can't understand what I am talking about. Oh, hang on, that won't work...

Hope your keeping well, its good to hear your loving N/Z. God loves it too so thats at least two of you.

God Bless

P.S Please approve my comment. I will be hurt if you don't.

Andy said...

I, for one, am praying that you won't be getting to "play" with the "toy" driver's airbag in your car: not simply because of what you do, but I couldn't take another car trauma! ;O)

A Disappointed Skoda Favorit said...

What's wrong with a Skoda Favorit?! You really have gone up in the world & forgotten your former love - you middle-class, electric-window touting fancy car driver!

Bernt said...

I like your "mission statement" at the top of your blog. Very cool.

God bless with your ministry.


Anonymous said...

Yay! Anonymous people can now post comments on your blog. Very cool new car. I learnt to drive in a Skoda (or was it a Lada, maybe a Lada) so I can appreciate how exciting it must be to move on to bigger and better things with greater 'hoon' factor.
Buen viaje!
Mrs Balch

karen said...

What a nice picture of you and your car!

James Allaway said...

I have nothing but respect for the mighty skoda. It was a tank that I always felt safe in. However, for an eastern-european car it had major issues withe cold (is in would stall if you took your foot off the accelerator) and like Mrs Balch says, it is nice to be in a car that is more reliable and to be honest faster (I had a skoda estate so it didn't exactly pull away at traffic lights but did have a sizable boot).

I have no intention of testing the airbag, but the more time I spend driving here the glader I am that my car has one.

Phil: I didn't know that I that I could or could not approve comments but of course I approved yours

Bernt and erin: Very nice to meet you and thanks for the encouragement